Rohit Mani Sharma Country Manager

Rohit Mani Sharma has a large body of work in Marketing and Sales.His Project Management portfolio include domains like Travel, Finance, Telecom, Government Undertakings and more. He has set up India Operations for XSAT INDIA with focus on Telecom and Government Sectors. The introduction of NaviSaga as IT development brand was conceptualized and executed by him. His vision is to make NaviSaga a globally recognized brand. Rohit is a true sportsperson and loves play tennis and he travels the world to play tennis as part of International Tennis Club of India.

Gurjot Singh CIO

Gurjot Singh is a seasoned ICT professional with over 24+ years of experience. Over the years Gurjot has successfully spearheaded multiple technology initiatives in e-corporate governance, Information and Communications Technology infrastructure, security Cloud Computing etc. He is a certified Security Auditor. A Strategic Planner for Information Systems and Technology, Gurjot loves to take on assignments that are uniquely challenging in nature. His interests include Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics.

Meetu Sinha Program Manager

Meetu Sinha is an innately driven go-getter who possesses a Masters in Computer Applications from one of the premier Institutions on the subject. She has 12+ years of experience in providing complex IT Solutions to clients from Banking & Finance and Government Domains She started as a Java Developer with EJB as the core competency, and then moved on to managing pan-Indian projects with one of the leading IT development companies in the Industry. At XSAT, her role is to ensure the quality product that is being created at Navi-saga.  She is responsible for establishing processes for project development and to monitor and control projects.