NAVISAGA provides it’s support services in development of highly secure, efficient and economical web-based software applications. Our support services include Online Data Analysis, Data Compilation, Data Processing, Data Warehousing, Online Signing, Online Reporting, Online Document Management and Business Intelligence.

We have so far developed dynamic (database driven) web applications, web portals, web sites, high volume and fast data processing engines, information systems and web-based addressing software.

We master in generating a solution by using cutting edge tools at nominal development, storage and administration cost.

Tech Utilization

  • Omnichannel delivery of superior UX across multiple channels, devices and platforms
  • Data analytics to leverage Big Data to drive and enhance customer engagement
  • Mobile testing, provide testing as a service beyond functional testing (performance, security, compatibility, accessibility)

Omni Channel Experience

The user today has multiple devices at his/her disposal. We aim to create a superior user experience across multiple channels , devices and platforms. We believe that the only way to do so is to put the user in the centre of the multichannel design so that he/she is able to use the service seamlessly across channels.

We design omni channel experiences around people and their needs. Despite Complexity, it is worth seeing a satisfied customer.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics on BigData Organisation are continuously striving to improve their business. In order to make strategic decisions, they need to analyse the ever growing cindyforcongress transactional data. Big data analytics is advanced analysis that help organizations make informed business decisions.

What we do


Quality engineering

Agile and DevOps – Agile software development techniques account for >33% of software projects and are soon expected to exceed 50%.
When speed and quality is of essence, Agile & DevOps are the only way forward.


Time-to-market – Customers need to go to market at the earliest. The demand for rapid product and service delivery at lower costs is on the rise. This challenge is met by a rapid development lifecycle, and providing businesses with best-in-class end-user experience